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Putting a smile on everyone's face

We love to create the most unconventional and revolutionary products and formulas the world has to offer. But we also see it as our duty to look out for those who are in need of some extra care or could use a bit of extra support. And we will never shy away from doing this. It’s who we are. It keeps our heart beating.

Our open support for the LGBT movement

Together with IKEA, MO Museum, Ozas, Red Bull, Swedbank, Švyturys GO Nealkoholinis, Telia Lietuva and the Vilnius University and “Žmonės” magazine we stood up and expressed our open support for the LGBT movement in favour for equality and tolerance with a catchy advert in “Žmonės” magazine and during the 2019 Baltic Pride Event.

We choose not to look down. We choose not to ignore. We strongly believe in the freedom of love, support, and expression. We choose to see the beauty in everyone.

Or as Charlie Chaplin positively phrased it…“You’ll never find a rainbow, if you're looking down”.

Return A Smile initiative

During Women’s Day 2018, together with the pharmacy chain EUROVAISTINĖ, we took part in the Return A Smile initiative to help Lithuanian women who were in desperate need for dental treatment, but couldn’t afford it. They chose to support their children and not spend anything on dental care for themselves. We decided it was time to put a smile on their face again, because they deserve it! :-)

“We are not a big company that can save the world. With our products, we aim to contribute to the beauty and health of our people, and with serious partners we can achieve even more. I am confident that the initiative will grow, so that the number of smiles in Lithuania will increase.”, Romualda Stragienė, CEO of BIOK Laboratory.