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Spirulina is a name to remember

Name 5 green vegetables. Most likely ‘spirunlina’ will not be on your list (it’s actually a “walking” green-yellow-colored vegetable, but most people call it an algea). Now name 5 green vegetables that contain chlorophyll. Probably you haven’t even heard of chlorophyll. 🙂 That’s ok, many haven’t. But those who do know it, understand how forceful and healthy it is. And it just happens to be, that spirulina is one of those foods that does contain chlorophyll. But why do you actually put it in oral care products? What are some of its benefits? Great question. Well, it stops halitosis, which is just a fancy name for bad breath. It also contributes to your oral care health, it slashes plaque formation and tooth decay and best of all, it strengthens your teeth. Spirunlina, remember the name. 🙂