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Hemp seed oil is good for you

Hemp seed oil. What a fantastic natural ingredient slash superfood.

This oil originates from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant (only grown – and known – for its edible seeds and the use of fiber). The seeds used for this widely adored oil contain nutrients, useful bioactive compounds and omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists from Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health in Boston recently found that these fatty acids can actually help treat and prevent periodontitis. Hold on, what? Periodontitis? Keep calm. It’s just a fancy medical term for gum disease (which can cause teeth to loosen). Alright, let’s carry on. 🙂 This can normally be prevented through good oral care, but the presence of purified omega-3 fatty acids helps to fight gum disease actively (plus stops inflammation) and speeds up the entire healing process. It’s a match for your super+natural smile!